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Appeals to the Trade Union

Appeals resolved
up to the 7 days

  • A detailed explanation of salary
  • Leave-related issues
  • Consultations on explanatory notes
  • Consultations on job description
  • Request for contact details with a specific department
  • Consultations on financial aid
  • Consultations on caring for a sick relative
  • Consultation on restoration after parental leave
  • Consultation on employment record

Appeals resolved
7th-31st day

  • Reprimands
  • Reprimands
  • Reduction of employee's working hours
  • Transfer of employee to a rate system
  • Bonus reduction
  • Conflict with a manager
  • Ensuring security of employees
  • Redundancy
  • Working conditions

A detailed explanation of salary

  • The payment letter is sent to everyone by corporate mail. If none is received please contact the Service Desk.
  • If you have no corporate mail, go to, enter your login and password, and view all your Payment Letters.
  • If you have no corporate login and password, make a request through the head of the branch (if you work in the branch) to the Salary Accrual Department, a Payment Letter will be printed or sent to you.

Why no sick pay is accrued?

  • The decision to pay aid or deny assigning the aid is made by the commission or employer's representative within 10 calendar days.
  • The first 5 days are paid by the employer and this amount is paid together with the salary. Payment for other days of sick leave will be made after compensation by the social insurance fund following the application.
  • From September 1, 2021, all sick leaves are issued in a digital way. It is necessary to notify the employer of sick leave opening.

Should I write an explanatory note?

  • Yes, one should write an explanatory note, as it is a crucial factor in the further protection by the Trade Union. It should be noted:
    1. Is there a violation and to what extent is it significant/insignificant (what does it affect and has it caused damage)?
    2. All the reasons, facts and arguments about the impossibility of avoiding the violation (and why you are not guilty of such an offense) and provide confirmation (photos, screenshots, etc.);
    3. Other excusable circumstances.
  • In addition, the law fails to specify the time limit for providing an explanation, yet it is necessary to respond to each letter that you will provide an explanation.

How to receive financial aid?

  • In order to receive financial aid you need to:
    1. Be a member of the Trade Union for more than six calendar months (in some cases for one calendar year);
    2. Submit a set of documents for financial aid no later than 2 months after the date of the event.
    3. Send the set of documents for financial aid using the internal submission template "Financial aid from the Trade Union".
  • More information about financial aid from the Trade Union and the internal submission template is available on the Financial aid.
  • If you have any further questions — feel free to contact the Head of your Trade Union center.

Leave-related issues

  • The basic annual leave can be divided into parts. One vacation must be at least 14 calendar days. This indivisible part does not have to be used first. That is, if the leave is 24 calendar days, the legal option is to first use 10 calendar days of leave, for example, by one-two days, and then — the indivisible 14 days.
  • Annual leave is granted based on the leave schedule. Yet this schedule can at any time be amended if the employee so desires and unless the employer objects thereto.
  • Term of leave pay — 3 calendar days prior to the commencement of leave. Leave pay is paid to the employee before the leave, unless otherwise stipulated by the agreement between the employee and the employer. The employee may specify the desired period of leave in the application.
  • The employer may not forcibly send an employee on leave at his/her own expense.

Issues on a job description

  • Job descriptions are mandatory HR documents. To be developed for all positions stipulated by the staffing schedule. To be drawn up in two copies: the first one is to be kept with the HR department, the second one is to be kept with the head of the subdivision.
  • As a rule, the job description consists of the following sections:
    1. Tasks and responsibilities.
    2. Rights.
    3. Liability.
    4. Must-know.
    5. Qualification requirements.
    6. За необхідності може бути доповнена іншими розділами.
  • If necessary, it can be supplemented with other sections. Making any amendments is possible only under the order of the head subject to the consent of the employee. The description and amendments thereto are approved by the trade union or another authorized body of the staff.

Feedback and thanks from our trade union members

All good, the trade union helped me solve all of my appeals, no remarks“ - Mykola K. (Lviv dep.)

Returned my cash award, which I am so thankful for! - Yurii S. (Kyiv dep.)

Thank you! Everything was great, replied fast for my request and solved it fast too, you’re doing a great job! - Tatiana K. (Zhytomyr dep.)

So grateful for helping me with the correct composition of an explanation letter! Also later helped me out with some problems with the managers”,-Anna T. (Poltava dep.)

Satisfied with the work of the trade union. I frequently address them and they reply every single time” - Serhii N. (Kyiv dep.)

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