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I am the Trade Union

You are the Trade Union. We are uniting to change working conditions for the better

Here the rights and interests of trade union members of Nova Poshta Group of Companies are protected

Benefits of being a trade union member

receiving free legal advice on labor law, active protection of rights;

being protected from violations of labor rights (from dismissals, redundancies, etc.);

receiving assistance in restoring rights, exercising rights and enforcing laws;

influencing the positive changes in the company in which you work;

influencing the formation of corporate culture;

being a part of a great team with common ideas and beliefs;

receiving financial aid;

being able to win a vacation voucher (summer/winter);

participating in cultural, sports, online events of the Trade Union;

receiving gifts for yourself and your children;

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Feedback and thanks from our trade union members

Everything is good. The Trade Union helped resolve the appeal, no observations there.

Thank you very much for the work done! I wish you good luck and health.

Thank you! Everything is great, quickly responded to the request, quickly resolved, you are great.

I am satisfied with the work of the Trade Union, I apply often, I am always provided with a response and help.

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