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Trade Union of Nova Poshta Group of Companies

Protection of rights and interests of Trade Union members

Achieving high standards of working conditions

Diverse leisure of employees

Development of sports and promotion of healthy lifestyle

"Best Collective Labor Agreement among the Trade Unions of the Country"

* according to Labor Initiatives Non-Governmental Organization


Appeals for legal protection


Mass cultural events per year


Vacation vouchers issued

>UAH 11 million

Financial aid provided

Collective labor agreement

The provisions of this agreement shall apply to all employees and shall be binding upon both the administration and each member of the staff.


Areas of work

Protection of labor rights

The main and priority right of the Trade Union is to represent and protect the labor and socio-economic rights and interests of the trade union members.

The feature of the trade union's human rights activism function is that employees unite independently and on a voluntary basis in order to protect their rights, freedoms, and interests. Human rights activism shall be carried out within the limits of the granted rights and obligations.

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Areas of work

Sports and leisure

The trade union is constantly working to create conditions for the organized leisure and meaningful recreation of trade union members. We promote a healthy lifestyle, development of physical culture and sports. We organize mass cultural events (concerts, sightseeing tours, children's events), as well as sports competitions and games (offline/online)

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Areas of work

Financial aid

Financial aid is provided to employees who are members of the All-Ukrainian Trade Union of Nova Poshta LLC Employees (are registered) and pay monthly membership fees. Financial aid:

  • On marriage
  • On birth of a child
  • On summer vacation of children in summer camps
  • On 50-55-60-year anniversary
  • On close relative funeral
  • On treatment of him-/herself or 1-st degree family members (parents, spouse, children)
  • On health improvement of war veterans
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Every day we work for a common goal — to achieve high standards of working conditions and safety in Nova Poshta Group of Companies. We unite, we are a reliable support for each other, we care about a common goal and values.
We take care of you!

Serhii Hennadiiovych Ohanesian

Head of the All-Ukrainian Trade Union of Employees of
Nova Poshta

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